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We have worked with various types of clients during legal proceedings providing expert testimony with structure-related issues.

Structural evaluations during the period of construction to determine compliance with building plans or the building codes often results in the identification of issues when minor revisions may be made to avoid structural problems.  Determination of the issues after the construction is complete results in far more costly and complicated remedial measures.

Building evaluations are typically conducted to determine the cause or source of structural or building system problems, including water intrusion issues.  Our practical knowledge and experience with the construction industry, combined with our primary objective of finding the facts, results in reports which are truly useful.

"Structural design" is a broad term.  It may pertain to entire buildings or homes, or partial structures such as additions or renovations.  It may include the design of individual components or systems in a relatively isolated area within an existing building or home.

Our services also include the design of site structures such as retaining walls and bridge abutments.

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